Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ron Johnson, is he just lazy?

Ron Johnson thinks unemployment benefits leads to people sitting at home until a good paying job comes around.

Does introducing only bill in eight months show signs of a motivated man? Ron Johnson introduced one bill that eliminates federal regulations until unemployment hits 7.7 percent.

Wow,  Ron Johnson better pace himself, or he might actually do what the people of Wisconsin sent him to do, and that is fix Washington. He is probably pacing himself, because the heck schedule of working part-time in Washington is probably harder than creating a  business with your in-laws' money.

Where is the anger in Wisconsin towards Ron Johnson's work ethic. One bill in eight months from a man that talked tough on unemployment benefits. It seems he lacks the work ethic to do anything but collect a check for just showing up for a job.

What about limited government Mr. Johnson talked about when he was running for office? Oh, government needs to help the struggling oil industry by subsidizing, if you go by Mr. Johnson voting to keep the oil subsidy. It sounds like he is for smaller government.

Maybe, Ron Johnson won because of voter rage, but where is the rage when it comes to his laziness and apparent flip-flop on smaller government. Why can't an account introduce a bill to change the tax code?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Free Trade

Mitch McConnell is using his bully pulpit to push Obama to sign the three free trade deals with Columbia, South Korea, and Panama, and he is doing it by means of an op-ed piece in the Washington Post.

The editorial raises some good issues about getting the deal done, and the importance of signing the deal. But, the best part of the editorial is his claim that "21/2 years have taught us anything, government spending isn't the solution." These are great words of advice, considering Republicans started two wars on the backs of tax cuts, and that means increased government spending on the backs of IOUs.He didn't seem to have issues with that kind government spending increasing our deficits.

Hypocrisy shouldn't be the issue right now, but it does seem odd that the push to save 380,000 jobs seems more important than finding ways to create jobs for the 14 million unemployed and 8.4 million working part-time.

Free trade doesn't have a track record of creating jobs that it hypes, but it does offer Americans a chance to buy cheaper goods, if they have a job.