Monday, September 27, 2010

What Feeds Your Muse?

How do you edit your writing?

I love to read a good piece of writing before I edit my own work. This practice gets me in the mindset of seeing what works in published writing.

I don't think it is easy for a writer to see what is wrong with their own work. It takes years to get to the point that dissecting and repairing becomes a skill they can count on when needed. Sure, some writers can do it sooner than others, but they are the lottery winners of the writing world.

For me, the true battle is making sure that I am not preaching with my stories. I love to write about the moral decay of society. I don't necessarily believe moral decay is real, but I find books that deal with subject interest me the most.

Their are other subjects that interest me, like secularism and atheism. I also try to make sense of Glenn Beck's following, and why people listen to talk radio? I us my writing to wonder about what happens to societies that rely on hate speech and their effects on society.

As a writer it is easy to avoid subjects that aren't going to get published, but a true writer needs to find what really matters to them and write about it. I believe writers owe that to society to write about the truth, even if it means not getting published by a major publishing company. I honestly believe people thirst for the truth, but can't really find it as easily as they can find the lies.

It is interesting to see where a simple piece of writing can take you.