Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finding Time to Unwind

What kind of writer are you? Do you wait to the last minute to write your piece? What kind of habits do you have that make you a more productive writer?

As a writer, I find it hard not to not think about writing. I look at someone and wonder what kind of character I could turn them into and what characteristics borrow from them and add to a character I already have in a piece of fiction I am working on or worked on in the past.

I won't lie and say that I physically write something everyday, but I will say that I am constantly working on something in my head. I am always looking around, be it reading a news article, a work of fiction or non-fiction, and I am always watching movies and television to see how they build a character and tell a story. I watch enough television and movies to know that there are good formulas and some really bad formulas for telling a story, but sometimes the formula can be ignored if the characters grow.

I find it hard to always find time to unwind and take a break from writing, because I am always thinking about writing. It might be better ways to edit a piece of writing, or just the simple search for the right title for a piece of writing I am working on at the moment.

I wish I could find more time to unwind, but I haven't found a way to unwind. I am in search for the perfect story, and I am sure it doesn't come as a shock to every writer out there, because artist are always working on their craft to a point they never rest.