Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poetry Mourning

I have found myself filled with a new kind obsession with poetry, something I haven't experienced since high school.

Why poetry? I think it has to do with the fact I am trying to understand my grandmother's death. She was 83, and diabetic, but her death still came as a shock. I guess I never thought she would die.

My grandmother was always a little dark, and I blame that on her German upbringing. She had no problem talking about death. I never liked the subject and liked to tell her that she wouldn't die. A loud laugh came from her every time.

I can't say that I have written anything worthy of memorializing my grandmother, but my search for something that might do her justice has lead me to a nice website. Poets.org. This site offers a lot to the poet who might be struggling to find the right word or would like some good poetry to read.

I also went through some of my old textbooks from my college days, but those books only offered me a nice distraction from the task at hand.

This poem I write for my grandmother won't be read in a church, because her funeral has now passed, but it will be read in the open air of the cemetery.